The way of life

We are born so little, delicate and sweet,
Only to grow up, struggling to stay neat.
While swimming the uncanny water – our endless strife,
In this abysmal sea, called the Way of Life!

The pretty butterfly hatches, from its cocoon,
To find the company of sweet blossoms, soon.
Only to be terrorized by their surrounding wildlife,
In this camouflage of a forest, called the Way of Life!

Friends turn foe and the cycle continues,
Heartbreak and tears, fill us with pain and rue.
The never ceasing hale, cuts through us as a knife,
In this ferocious storm, called the Way of Life!

The unembellished piece of metal is subjected to heat and turmoil,
Sitting day after day burning the midnight oil.
To finally shine like gold resembling a victorious knight,
In this long walk, called the Way of Life!

Amrin Kharawala

42 thoughts on “The way of life”

  1. Well, my delicate girl has surely blossomed and learnt to find her ways in this forest.
    My unembellished metal has indeed turned into gold.
    You are sprinting in this walk of life, be it medicine or authoring poem/articles. Bless you.

  2. So familiar it is! But as they say Show must go on!
    And still smile through the life coz as u say,THAT’S WAY OF LIFE

  3. In dark or light…U will always shine as bright as Gold…Earlier everyone learns these ways..Smoother n happier will their life sail. Awesome Amrin

  4. Beautiful depiction way of life… …sitting day after day burning the midnight oil..sometimes you hv to burn yourself to give some one way of life. Keep writing Amrin.

    1. Yes, the little sacrifices for our loved ones are also a way of life – something which we would happily choose!

  5. The Real enjoyment is in driving on a rough road…so that you would have lots of stories and experiences to share when you reach at your destination….so is true for life..’The WAY of Life’…
    Beautifully written Amrin!!

    1. Exactly! Smooth roads never make good drivers! It’s always good to go through challenges and come out strong!
      Thank you 🙂

  6. Nicely and beautifully written. The analogies are wonderful and is a delight to read. It over n over again. Congratulations nd awaiting many more…..

  7. Beautiful thoughts by beautiful girl….it’s true we just enjoy every flow of life.. well penned…be blessed doc 😘

  8. Beautifully written Amrin specifically how you related it to nature. Every experience is a gift from god as it helps our soul to evolve…

    1. You are what you want yourself to be!
      Except doctors! Haha!
      But our fight is for the ‘greater good’ 😉

  9. Absolutely beautiful. You have come a long way from the little Amrin with curly locks and wide eyes I knew to a young doctor with passion for litrature and poetry!A rare combination to find.

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