Being woken up from deep sleep,

To greet the sparkling diamond in the sky hello,

Isn’t the most comforting task,

But neither is what life has in store for us!

Starting afresh, determination driving our legs,

In the odyssey of life, trying to strive for the best –

Only to realise, that with every bend on the road,

Newer obstacles are waiting to make us more bold!

Walking uphill, trying to catch my breath-

While anxiety and fatigue get my heartbeat soaring!

The vastness of the sea, being a constant reminder –

Of how meagre our problems are, amidst this nature!

The scorching hot ball of light, that was behind me,

Is now throwing it’s light in my face-

Trying to slow me down, drain my energy,

But perseverance is here to stay!

You can only travel alone so far,

Before needing tender caring love –

That will hold your hand, and together

Help you to race till the end.

When finally you reach your goal,

It’s the journey that defines you –

Your legs might want to give in,

But the strength in you drives the Zeel back!

It’s time to behold the beauty of the destination,

With the mild winds conquering the heat –

For all good things must come to an end,

Until, new flowers are ready to blossom –

This is how, moment by moment, life goes on, and so do we!

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