The fight

Have you ever been so helpless and weak-
With a grueling desire to run away into oblivion?
Or trying to find the strength to overcome being meek,
But falling everytime you muster the courage to get up and go on?

How exactly do I kill the demons,
That have made my heart their humble abode,
Without reinflicting pain into these never healing wounds,
That burn and torture my soul into a lifeless dead mode?

How long does it take to break these shackles,
Which have sucked my happiness away?
While i fool myself and muster the will to tackle,
Every single thing that’s falling apart day after day.

These things have been pulling me in all directions-
Brutally tearing me up- piece by piece
To run or pretend or walk up and face the challenge-
Has had me gasping for air, while I choke on the leash.

All this pain and suffering that I try to annihilate,
Is being fuelled by my soul’s fire-
The harder I try, the more I burn,
Unknowingly helping it build my own pyre.

I can never be free till I keep trying,
Or thinking what these demons are leading me to,
The only escape being to gracefully accept their presence,
Knowing they would only survive as long as I do.

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