The day of life

The dawn approaches over shadowing the stars of my past,
With new rays nullifying boundaries between the first and the last,
It’s a fresh journey of hope, across the horizon of life,
Another beginning to a great day of bliss and strife!

The morning heat is beautifully warm and pleasant,
With blossoming friendship teaching life’s healthy lesson,
The laughter of youth avails the chirping of birds,
While a cool breeze causes love to conquer all words.

As the clock ticks the competition begins to pick,
The birds fly away and hot loo spreads along the way,
The pressure builds up and emotions run dry,
The scorching sun now rules the otherwise heavenly sky.

When exams await round the corner, animosity fills the air,
The fear to lose, to be beaten, spreads inside everyone, everywhere,
Once upon a time best friends now turn to scornfurl foes,
For victory is only his, who wins all the battles in a row.

As the sun lowers its head, the proud winner beholds,
That hard work has awarded every competitor equal gold,
β€˜cause winning is just temporary, feelings are more permanent,
And even career needs family and friends as it’s ornament!

For at dusk the sun bows down to mother earth,
Where competition jealousy and hatred is of no worth
Knowledge helps, people help, and arrogance does no good,
For at night all things turn to same black soot!

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