Pressured by Numbers

Why are numbers given so much importance-
That they get to define our abilities and competence?
Or perhaps dictate the milestones in our life-
From graduation to marriage – our never ending strife!

Why does my mind keep torturing itself?
Just ‘cuz I am a certain age and still in need of help.
Yes, I don’t earn, neither am I close to love,
But why should it pester this soul-full little dove?

Yes, I don’t know how to fly yet,
While my peers are already conquering the sky,
Yes, I am scared to let anyone close enough to get my eyes wet,
While my friends already have someone for whom they’d die!

Why does life have to be a race?
Can’t we just take our own sweet time to enjoy the maze?
Will we ever be set free from these ‘rules’
That try to turn us into soul-less old mules?

All I want is to be free-
Freedom from my own nagging thoughts-
Thoughts which are the result of societal pressures-
Pressures which ought to be dried in this draught.

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