“Yes, I am selfish” and I have no qualms in admitting it. I do know, it is not a politically correct thing to say but then I am not a hypocrite!

I am sure the sentinels of society, the spiritually enlightened, and the custodians of religion will have their daggers drawn as what I have just said is the very anti thesis of what they propagate.

Right since childhood, it has been drilled in to us time and again, by parents, family, friends, teachers, society, political leaders, religious leader’s et al, “Don’t be selfish.”

I will not go into the dictionary meaning of ‘selfish’ as I have no desire to conduct a post mortem of this term. I personally believe very strongly that this is the most abused word in our dictionary. By terming a person selfish you try to prove that you are in some ways superior to him and the person in question is a vermin of society!

Over the years (which are a good solid block of fifty) I have learnt that in order to be happy one has to be selfish. ‘If’ I want to make the world a happy place I have to be happy first – bingo! If I am not happy myself, how do you expect me to make my near and dear ones happy, let alone society?

Now what do I, and when I say ‘I’, I believe, I am speaking for the average bloke, need, to be happy? I need basic material comforts, a good loving family, true friends and an understanding society / community. Now, what do I need primarily to achieve all the above? A peaceful, happy and pampered mind. A mind which is at peace with itself and the world at large. In order to have such a mind, I need to be selfish. I need time for myself to stay sorted. I need resources to keep my body and soul together. Only if I am sorted will I be in any position to keep my family sorted. So, by being selfish I am in fact being unselfish!!!! I tell my better half too, be selfish! If you keep on being the sacrificial type you will be miserable. Sometimes you should think of yourself FIRST and then others……it will make the world a happier place. I firmly believe that you should make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s NOT selfish it’s necessary.

Is it selfish loving yourself once in a while, First?

Is it selfish pampering yourself once in a while, First?

Is it selfish just romancing with your dreams, First?

Is it selfish indulging in your little wants, First?

Is it selfish, just thinking about yourself once in a while, First?

So why make a big hue and cry about being selfish? Be selfish and make the world a happier place.

Yes, charity begins at home and my home is ‘me’ first. If I don’t have my ‘me’ time I get irritated. If I am irritated, believe me, my spouse would be angry, if one parent is irritated and the other is angry, the child would be having existential issues, if the entire family is at variance to one another, their neighbours would be a disturbed lot! If the neighbours are a disturbed lot the co-operative society they are living in would be a mad house, if the society is a mad house, the area would be a nut case, if the area is a nutcase, the city would be in turmoil, people would behave like cats on a hot tin roof, if the city is in turmoil then…… GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!

“Yes, I am selfish” and I have no qualms in admitting it!!!!

Penned by: Murtaza Kharawala

2 thoughts on “OH MY GOD! I AM SELFISH!!!!”

  1. This post best explains the nuances which separate the “selfish” (not necessarily bad) from the “self-centred”. I guess, the selfish one thinks, “HOW will this benefit me?”, while the self-centred one thinks, “IF this benefits me”.

    1. .Yep you are right. My primary thought in penning the above article was allow yourself to be a priority once in a while. Thanks

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