New rays of Summer

Amidst the darkness of the winter skies,
I hear my soul and it’s shrieking cries,
Shivering with every bout of cold wind
And its knife-like hail that pierces my skin.

Treading down a forelone dark road,
In the hushed silence of solitude
Contemplating the repercussions of being in a lifeless dull mode,
I freeze, thanks to a hysterical new attitude.

Never having known another route
That offered a shoulder to rest upon
For the fear of failing and ending up alone
Forces me to shun love till it’s long gone.

In lieu of change which nature has to offer
The shadow of the long night is slowly made to regress,
By the silhouette who can’t see me suffer
The only one who stayed even while I was a mess.

Just when I decided to make peace with fate,
Hope started flowing like blood in my veins,
Re-born by the miracle in the shape of a mate
Who brought the colour of spring in my monotonous lanes.

Now, I wait intently for the sun to shine bright again
To be free and dance in the heavenly drops of rain
Enclosed by the warmth that sweet love has to offer
I wait in peace for the new rays of summer.

10 thoughts on “New rays of Summer”

  1. Thoughts well put in words. Seems apt to the current β€˜weather’! Especially the end looking forward to new blooms of spring and summer…

    1. I know right! Thank you πŸ™‚
      Winter makes us tougher, and summer teaches love.
      Journey towards a rewarding end (hopefully).

  2. Beautiful poetry, Amrin!
    You’ve really grown as a writer In the last year!
    The transition from a feelings of disappointment to hope in this poem are beautifully portrayed!

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