Behind every successful woman there is a man!

Everyone is aware of the popular adage, “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” Well I would like to say exactly the opposite, “Behind every successful woman there is a man” That man could be anyone, father, husband, son,
friend. In my case it was undoubtedly my hubby!

I very clearly remember, early in our courtship days when I asked my fiance, “I too would like to work, will you allow
me to do so after marriage?” He looked at me incredulously and said, “That’s a ridiculous question to ask!” (Believe me my heart sank). And then came the golden words, “You are your own woman, there is no need to take permission for what you want to do, just go ahead and do it.” My life changed after that.

He was as good as his word. The very fact that today I am a Vice-President of one of the leading corporations in the world is proof of that.
During my career I have come across many women who started their careers promisingly but soon dropped out. The two most common reasons being marriage and children. One more reason closely following both the above is transfer of spouse. In our male dominated society more often than not it is the woman who has to “sacrifice” at each and every step.

During growing up years it’s always the “sister” who has to sacrifice for her brother for whatever reasons. At the time of marriage the “wife” has to give up her job. If a child is born, responsibility for upbringing falls on the “mother”.
If both are working and the husband gets transferred, the “sacrificing wife” has to give up her career. If by chance the husband is drawing a lesser salary than his wife, it somehow becomes the wife’s fault. I can go on and on…….Now what if the daughter had a fair father, a caring brother, a loving and understanding husband? Doesn’t the scenario change drastically? The “daughter”, the “sister”,
the “wife” becomes an individual in her own right!

Almost all the successful women I have come across in my life somewhere had a “man” behind her who was instrumental in her achieving her goals. That man usually
acted like a catalyst in her life. Yes, there are exceptions where women have risen to the very top on their own merits, against all odds. Kudos to them! But what I want to emphasize here is that at some crucial stage in life a helping hand is needed by everyone to cross one seemingly insurmountable hurdle. That hand could be of a family member or even a stranger. Would it not be wonderful if that
hand belonged to our father, brother, husband or even our son? When that takes place and our loved ones are there with us, every success becomes all the more sweeter.

My hubby at the advent of the twenty-first century had said “This century is the century for women.” I want so desperately to prove him right!

Penned by Farhin Kharawala

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