Our Approach

This father-daughter duo will be sharing their views, thoughts, opinions, travelogues etc., on myriad of topics and places. We are sure that our no nonsense heartfelt approach will strike a chord in many a heart!

Our Story

"Child is the Father of Man," this adage snugly fits on us. Though we are as different as chalk and cheese needless to say who is what, we do share a passion for writing. Be they, poems, articles, stories,....there is a healthy competition between us!

Though being busy in our professional lives, my dad being a federal officer and yours truly a doctor, we do take time out to indulge in our twin passions of writing and travelling.

There are many anecdotes and experiences which we would like to share with our readers and we are sure that you would experience the same bliss and thrill which we did.

Meet the Team

Dr. Amrin Kharawala

Founder, Doctor, Writer

When the mind helps you dedicate your life in the service of your patients, its the heart that lets you live a little for yourself.
This is Dr Amrin Kharawala, trying to step out of the mundane routine and spread her wings to reach new horizons!

Murtaza Kharawala

A down to earth federal officer with a hobby for writing; be it poetry, stories, blogs or articles.

So very excited to be sharing this platform with you,  along with my talented daughter, who i can vouch with all due humility has left me way behind with her talents.


Next Steps...

We not only enjoy travelling and writing for ourselves and sharing our experiences with friends and family but now we are also open to extend our services like writing stories, scripts, company literature in fact anything which involves writing on a professional basis.